Oklahoma Golf Bros bro-ing out 




Garbage pickin Drop kickin UCF phenomenon 


A true battle of athletic prowess! The watercup skills are definitely real for the golf boys but it’s hard to pick them over the kicker. I don’t even understand how he made the football spin like that let alone blast a 45 yard field goal only taking one step. Also I feel like trick shots are way cooler when you can conceivably do them in a game.

Unless the heckler from Happy Gilmore shows up the Golf Bros will never be able to attempt shots like that in a tournament. Field Goal Bro can drop a dropkick in a real game anytime he wants. Sure he’ll likely get his leg snapped in two by a charging nosetackle, but he could do it if he were so inclined. Also just a terrible terrible music choice from the Golfers. Do you even Tea Party bros?