When you thought you were done turning up but your song comes on

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Two days ago Torrey Smith’s son took the internet by storm with his excitement to Whip, Whip AND HIT DAT NAENAE. Can’t remember the last time I saw a human that pumped for anything. Only been on Earth for one year and he’s already got a favorite song slash his timing is so on point.

Only thing he needs now is some backup dancers! Then he’ll REALLY be on fleek…


This is really everyday though….he about whipped his arm out of socket…on beat and everything haha

A video posted by Torrey Smith (@torreysmithwr) on


GOTTTTT EM! Good chance Torrey Jr. will be whipping it up in the endzone someday like his Superbowl Champion daddy… until then he’ll just have to settle for his internet/Gerber Baby fame. The Crawler Division Champ has some moves y’all!




PS: I literally can’t wait till Odell Beckham Jr. has a Junior of his own. The dance floor ain’t gonna ready for Lil OBJ..