The most American weekend of the year is finally upon us! July 4th is a celebration of many sorts but above all else it’s about appreciating the awesomeness that is the U S of A.

So as you remember all those who fought for our freedom and ponder your next cornhole shot while the kababs are marinating,  take in these moments from our very young American sports history. 239 more years! 239 more years! HIP HIP HOORAY!


Here’s the Top 10 USA USA USA Moments of All Time..




10) USA Basketball Dream Team of the 90’s

One of the best displays of American Power ever. Granted most of the world didn’t understand the game of basketball/play it but hey look at all those cool plays! They were such a next level of awesome that opponents were asking for their autograph during the game. Incredible windbreakers too.




9) Landon Donovan World Cup Goal Vs. Algeria 2010

It’s been the definition of a slowburn but genuine soccer fandom in America is growing faster than it ever has before. Brandi Chastain’s goal in 1999 lit the fire and this dagger by Landon added a much needed gallon of kerosene to the fire. Now every USA World Cup game has a watch party and people decking out in ‘Merica gear tweeting up a storm. Stellar final gesture by the former Captain!




8)USA Basketball Redeem Team 2008

Well it only took around 20 years but the world finally caught up in basketball by the 2000’s. We were still sending the best players they just didn’t give a single heck about anything and mailed in every game. After an all out debacle in Athens 2004, USA Basketball realigned their entire organization and selection process. After stars like Kobe, Lebron, CP3 signed up things got serious like REAL quick. What followed was Gold Medals in 2008, 2012.. and the return of American Baller Dominance/sweet windbreakers.


PS: Honorable Mention – Vince Carter’s “Le Mort” Dunk + America Sending Vin Baker to represent us




7) Patriots Defeat Rams in Superbowl after 9/11/2001

Long before the Dynasty and the infinity wins and the football glory + supermodel girlfriends, the Patriots were known as a scrappy hardworking underdogs every American could relate too. The USA was reeling after the 9/11 terrorist attacks which delayed the NFL season and pushed the Superbowl into its first ever February date. U2 projecting the names of those lost on two giant towers was incredible and after their stunning victory owner Robert Kraft summed it up best. “Today, we are all Patriots”




6) Jesse Owens Tells Hitler To Pound Sand in Olympics 1936

Oh Hitler you’re pumped to have the Olympics in Berlin so you can showcase all your svelte Aryan dirtbags? Lololol. Is there anything better than embarrassing Hitler on his home floor? Literally forced to eat all his words and sit there like the stooge he is while Jesse Owens, one of the greatest American Athletes to ever live, gets handed a giant plate of gold. Yo Hitler suck brick kid!




5) First Game At Fenway Park After Boston Marathon Bombings 2013

This was the best Red Sox moment of 2013 by far. To be honest I never even remember they won the World Series that year. Sure that was a stellar cherry on top but this ceremony was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in Boston. Tragedies unite communities and this was an epic showing of solidarity by the players, organizations, police, officials and fans. Big Papi said it best, “THIS IS OUR F@^@$#*&ing CITY MAN!”




4) Brandi Chastain Wins World Cup And Goes Bananas 1999

Not only did this spread a much needed fever for soccer in the U.S. but the way she celebrated became one of the most iconic sports moments ever. It’s not even about ripping off the shirt it’s just the pure raw emotion you can literally see pour out at the very moment it appears. Gamewinners are always special but this was otherworldly. This transcended sport, country, and gender. Maybe someday the Men’s National Team will learn something from our All-American Girls and like, win.




3) Mike Piazza Mets Homerun 10 Days After 9/11/2001

It’s never a bad thing when life imitates a Hollywood Movie. Always unbelievable but still absolutely welcomed. Everyone in New York City needed an escape; a respite of laughter or joy that they couldn’t generate themselves. Thankfully Mike Piazza got locked in at the plate and gave every American a brief moment of knowing, we’re all gonna be okay. President George Bush throwing a laser guided fire strike from the rubber didn’t hurt either. Movie Endings FTW.


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2) USA Men’s Hockey Miracle On Ice Against Russians 1980

If America sent the top NHL stars and beat the Russian National Hockey Team it would be a miraculous story. Especially considering all the Cold War IM BETTER THAN YOU implications surrounding the match. But uh….we literally sent kids off the street. Just a bunch of dudes with very little experience and perceivably MUCH less talent than any country, let alone a powerhouse. Well communists HOW DOES AMERICAN SWEAT TASTE BABY! Inspiring victory and another example of hard work beating talent when talent stays up all night drinking mash vodka. USA! USA! USA!




1) The Next One 2015

When Hall of Fame Quarterback and All-Time American Tom Brady was asked which Superbowl victory was his favorite…his reply was “The Next One.” Maybe it’s just fluff for the media or maybe it’s the exact reason he has 4 Superbowl Rings. Either way I agree with Tom Terrific. It’s part of the American blessing. We can expect the best and always know whatever we get can always rise higher. As BBQ’s rage across America this weekend our Women’s National Team will be taking on Japan 24 hours after Independence Day. YA THINK THEY’LL BE FIRED UP? YOU GO GIRLS!!!

I’m so ready.




Got some favorite USA moments that didn’t make the list? Lemme know on Twitter fellow lovers of America