Poor Tony Romo… dude just can’t catch a break! He’s either fully healthy and chokes in the big moment or gets brutally hurt when he’s playing his best. There is NO middle ground for him. And no one is more down in the dumps about it than owner/GM Jerry Jones.

You better believe he still thinks his ‘Boys have playoff hopes, although immediately after the injury Jones gave everybody an inside look at his cruel cruel reality.

Who’s got it worse than us huh!

Kudos to Mr. Jones for PERFECTLY describing how he felt in that very moment. Couldn’t have been a more vivid or on point analogy. Now the hopes of Dallas rest on the ginger right arm of 45 year old Brandon Weeden and a returning Greg Hardy. YIPPE HOORAY!!!

Can’t find a more screwed up division in the NFL than the NFC East so at least the 2-0 Cowboys have that going for them. Just uhhh, no one remind Jerry Jones about saying this okay? I hate seeing JerBear and ToRo upset!