RIP to DirectTV Rob Lowe commercials. Had to expect they were going the way of the dinosaur with all the new Hannah Davis/Horse ads but it’s still a bummer to witness the end of an era. Super Creepy and Total Deadbeat Rob Lowe, YOU WILL BE MISSED.

Tony and Eli don’t just jump the shark with these commercials… oh no they strap themselves to a nuclear rocketship and launch over a shark with reckless abandon. Props to DirectTV Marketing for being brave and keeping ideas fresh this season..



Eli was actually pretty funny but either way at least he already has a Super Bowl ring. Tony Romo is a pick-six and cracked vertebrae away from being the laughing stock of the NFL (again). Last thing he needs is MORE stuff people can make fun of him for.

Gotta hand it to the Mannings though, dem boyz know how to make a funny!