It was just a matter of time before the endorsement dollars started rolling in like a Todd Gurley guardtrap right? I imagine there’s a long line of companies forming now to get TGIII hocking their products and yet somehow Jolly Ranchers was the first to nab him. Maybe it’s because of his profound love for them? Even before getting drafted 10th overall he was sucking on Jolly’s FO DAYS so it is a pretty deserving unison.

Ever since Marshawn Lynch made his Skittles obsession public all he’s done is win a Superbowl, lead the league in Rushing TD’s, get RICH, and make everybody LOL. Usually getting paid to SUCK would be a bad thing but I think it’s a great move for The Toddfather. Let’s be honest, he can literally do no wrong right now. If Skittles create Beast Mode, then Jolly Ranchers make…?