Arguably the most LA thing anyone will ever see. Cliche, overdone, but undeniably the most amazing thing possible. First of all it’s freaking narrated by JACK BAUER. They could’ve just given me audio of that with a crayon picture of a house and I’d be all in. But it doesn’t end with Special Agent Bauer… the amenities and whole presentation of this stadium is literally jaw dropping.

This deal will only go through if San Diego and Oakland refuse to pony up for new venues and I am really hoping that happens now. LA fans may never actually care about a team there/actually go inside the stadium but a farmer’s market and a Limp Bizkit/Puddle of Mudd concert before kickoff? THAT is how you get fans excited for football baby!








PS: Jack Bauer is the GOAT and there is zero argument there. B-A-L-L-E-R