America’s Funniest Home Videos… still around somehow! They stick to a formula dating back to the Romans many moons ago. People falling down/getting hurt/posterized by a monster soccer ball will ALWAYS entertain the masses.

Before feeling too bad for the kid just remember that soccer ball was light as air, it could’ve been A LOT worse..



Also let’s not forget this is how you make a boy into a MAN. I mean it’s how every Gronkowski brother was raised and they all became complete beasts. And how did Poppa Gronk go 5/5? Well..




I’d say it all turned out okay… it is too bad Roberto never figured out how to have fun though. Why would you spend the weekend in Vegas if you’re not even gonna party or dance or spike coconuts? Smh



PS: True BFF’s pour champagne on your face when you’re thirsty on stage with Pauly D while an entire Vegas pool crowd cheers you on. Aka WELCOME TO CLUB JAM FOLKS!