The Twitterverse did a number on Joe Philbin over the weekend (getting absolutely dominated by the Jets in London certainly didn’t help) and they’ve already moved on to their next victim on the list. Everyone’s favorite mastermind-offensive guru-genius-BRILLIANT manager of rosters Chip Kelly is now the favorite target of the ‘Verse. And they are going HARD in the paint…

Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love Chippy!




Ouch. And that’s what things are like when the Eagles are only 1-3… IMAGINE what the ‘Verse is gonna do when the Birds keep losing in the most abysmal of ways. That’s gonna get #PrayForChipKelly trending like REAL quick.

Philly fans man, they just hammer people.







PS There is ONE man that could’ve saved Philadelphia’s entire season.. WAY TO BLOW IT CHIP.