The Chicago Bears Head Coach John Fox just announced that there will be an open competition for the starting Quarterback spot on the roster.

Let that sink in.

If this is meant to be some sort of challenge to encourage Jay Cutler to instantly evolve over the off season and become the hundred-million-dollar-man the Bears pray and pay him to be then I’m not sure it’s the right gamble.

Yeah, Jay Cutler stands to make $15 million in the 2015 season. He stands to become a very highly paid bench warmer.
Jay Cutler stands to make just over $15 million in the 2015 season. He’s likely to become a very highly paid bench warmer or a lonely guy wandering around the Bears sidelines during games.

I doubt this is going to work because Cutler hasn’t had the best track record under pressure. He faulted against the Green Bay defense twice last year. ‘Da Bears’ just can’t do that. Twice last year he lost to the Lions; Suh is moving south, but that doesn’t change the mental hump Cutler is facing. Frankly, this trend plays out in any match-up, Cutler couldn’t get the ball to a trio of excellent wide receivers nor a tight end that is arguably one of the best in the league.

It is the job of the quarterback to throw the ball. Cutler has had trouble doing that.  Let’s go to the statistics. Out of 561 attempts he completed 370 for a 66% completion; ranking right behind Matt Ryan in this category. He has a rating of 88.6; whatever that means. Finding himself right in the middle of the pack of all quarterbacks on virtually all the statistical categories. What I’m saying is he’s playing like a middle pack kind-of-guy. But he’s making superstar kind-of-cash.

According to Spotrac, Cutler is going to bring home $15.5 million worth of proverbial bacon. He’s walking into the second year of a a seven year deal worth a grand total of (*drumroll please*) …$126.7 million.

This is all really very sad when you think about it.

I hope Cutler gets the spot. Otherwise, it’s just going to look sad. I won’t feel bad, because I don’t care what rich NFL owners do with their money. Besides, Jimmy Clausen can throw the pigskin. Looks like he’ll get the chance as the Bears signed him to a $1.125 million insurance plan in the Windy City.

Please note, Head Coach John Fox was the guy that suggested plays to Peyton “Omaha!” Manning in a previous incarnation.

I don’t get it either. But I will tell you, I’m writing a letter to the Bears front office. It’s going to be very simple. I’ll take half of what they planned on paying Cutler for doing nothing too. Deal?!

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