Gatorade’s newest batch of commercials are really really top notch stuff. Their newest tagline is “You Gotta Sweat It To Get It” and they ain’t lying. To help push this slogan into reality Gatorade enlisted the Manning boys and JJ SWatt to harass some unsuspecting kids on a random campus somewhere.

Some people recognize them, other people are just plain confused. Just about all of them try to earn that Gatorade. Other than when JJ Watt straight up walks away with the entire vending machine though.





Manning bros make two kids do high knees in the cafeteria





JJ Watt knocks over the machine and clowns a clown in a muscle shirt





Manning bros force a dude to do foot fire with his eyes closed





JJ Watt walks over, picks up machine, literally walks away without saying a word





Manning bros tell a guy to wall sit against the machine until his legs fall off





JJ Watt explodes out of the vending machine



Anytime you can watch JJ Watt nowadays and not cringe it’s a good day! He killed it and so did the Mannings so props to those ballers. Eli has sneaky been on a really funny tear lately. Way to turn that Manning face into a positive lil bro!