Throwback to when this happened in the 1st half of the Bills game…

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A man’s game deserves a man’s price! This is one of those pictures that really puts things in perspective. Playing stuff like DFS and Madden really gives the false illusion you understand the game and once upon a time could’ve made your way into the NFL. Yea uh nevermind. Not only am I confused as to how this happened in a football game…I’m confused how this happens in life. How can a leg look like that and function without 6-9 months of physical therapy? JJ Watt only needs a freaking halftime show and he’s good to go. How’s that leg feeling Mr. Justin James!


Allllllllllrighy then well I’m gonna go pound some ice cream while that leg heals. Oh now you’re busy making dreams come true for kids with cancer okay NBD TTYL