You already know it and we all still feel it.

Last Sunday was one of the most devastating weeks to fantasy football I’ve ever witnessed. Not since the “Slaughter of My Fantasy League of 2012” has there been so much devastation across my lineups.

To help illuminate, in 2012 I lost half of my season-long lineup in my primary league in 45 minutes. The first to fall was RG3; down with a seriously sprained knee that he never fully recovered from. Then my RB1, then my Tight End. The horrors were too great to relive. It all happened within 45 minutes of kickoff. I blame myself because I checked my lineup while sitting in church.

I think it was then that I really turned to Draftkings and daily fantasy as an alternative to my season long fantasy sports.

It’s not worth the gnashing of teeth right now, but it still pains me to not have Le’Veon Bell in my lineups. Heal up and Rest, my first-round pick.

The NFL league-wide injury report. Read it and weep.

Let’s just hold a short vigil for all the glory that could have been.

So now that my season-long team is in the dumpster fire that is my ESPN league. I have nothing left to lose but play me some daily leagues. Now, it’s even more wide-open than ever before. Soooooo…..

Yes, it is now very awkward and if you are continuing to read this column then you are definitely my kind of cat.

Injuries aside, this past week wasn’t kind to jerseys. Specifically “jersey shirts,” the newest marketing-red-headed-step-child of the NBA. These new excuses to separate you from your money have been both reviled and praised. There are a number of fans that have embraced these “jersey shirts.” I’ve even been tempted to pick one up. I said, “tempted.”

Well, turns out one of the biggest players in the NBA didn’t like his “jersey shirt” this past week.

And the Internet noticed.

I noticed something about LeBron. The man has some massive shoulders and those “jersey shirts” aren’t very forgiving in that area. So, I don’t blame you, LeBron. He’s a baller. One of the best ever in the league. The shirts were inhibiting his movement. Period.

Besides, the Cavs beat the Knicks that night. Maybe LeBron needs to Hulk out more often.

Then Kenny Smith just had to make me laugh.

And if we are going to get all sleeve-rippin up in here. Then we gotta step-up our tie-knot game, because this guy on ESPN is killing it.


They are in full swing this season and God bless them. I look forward to spotting them on the broadcasts just to see their insane costumes and dedication to football.

But sometimes, subtlety speaks louder than words.  The following #superfan isn’t really a superfan, but sometimes a white polo in a sea of orange and black is a statement. A battle cry, if you will.

It also helps when your team is crushing the Browns.

“Keeping it 100” is a social colloquialism meant to emphasize a person keeping their outward selves true to their inner selves. This week’s winner of the #keepit100 award is none other than, Vince Wilfork. For being Vince Wilfork, when we all needed Vince Wilfork to be himself. Happy birthday, Vince.

Because that much of man can wear anything he wants.

Then you have Peyton Manning. And his most recent “Encyclopedia Salesman” costume for Halloween.

Wait, Halloween is over? Somebody tell Peyton. 1..2..3.. NOT IT!

Speaking of nightmares, Andrew Luck hasn’t been the fantasy football blue chip that he once was. I think he just needs to get back to basics. Back to the fundamentals. He needs to practice his touchdown dances.

Wait…what’s that over there?

Sometimes, a good-old-fashion finger pointing match breaks out and you just gotta point.

Now, for my serious moment of the post. Pay attention everyone. This is important.

November 6, 2015, marked what would have been Pat Tillman’s 39th birthday. Pat Tillman was a professional football player who, after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, left professional football and the Arizona Cardinals to serve in the U.S. Army Special Forces. Aside from walking away from a professional football contract and glory on the football field, Pat Tillman paid the ultimate price with his life in service to his country. Particulars about his death aside; his sacrifice should be honored nonetheless.

I ask that you remember Pat Tillman and honor him accordingly.

Till next time, the cat’s in the bag and the bag’s in the river.