Even in charity videos, the Ravens-Steelers rivalry remains at the highest possible level. Steve Smith is out here trying to raise money for a good cause but he also can’t resist jabbing any and all things Pittsburgh if he can.

Terrible girlfriends and haunted houses probably make up at least 96% of the Steel City too. Would you question a man that once promised “blood n guts” and absolutely delivered on that promise? Yea didn’t think so.

Unless you’re former teammate and fellow Law Attorney Torrey Smith though. Apparently he likes having blood n guts for dinner?





The Ravens decided to stay on the West Coast to prepare for the Oakland Raiders (why?) so it makes sense for Steve and Torrey to meet up in the Bay for some San Francisco TREATS. Of course, Steve Smith had to flex some of his veteran experience too.

He’s been taking people’s lunch money in the NFL for years… might as well upgrade it to dinner money in his swansong..