It’s going to be an uphill battle this season on Hard Knocks. Not for the players or coaching staff but for the viewers. Second by second trial to decide whether you love or hate JJ Watt. By all accounts he’s a super genuine dude who really likes working hard and helping the community. But is ANY of that real? Who knows.

I definitely think JJ would still be lifting giant tires whether there were cameras there or not. Doing swim moves with no pads on HOURS after practice is done with? Ehhhh not so much. But if HBO wants me to stay on Team SWatt they better start making all their workout montages like this. For that DeAndre Hopkins-DeAngelo Hall fight they could absolutely throw on “Scrubs” by TLC. DeAndre would be all about that life..



(Retweeted by DeAndre today after embarrassing Hall on National Television a few nights ago..)



















Live Look @ DeAngelo Hall checking Twitter in the Redskins parking lot..