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Another week passed us by as we head into Week 9. There’s always that one week in fantasy football, whether it is in a yearly league or a daily league, where the opposing team blows up and scores a ton of points, and no matter how good your lineup is or how many points you score, you stand little chance for a victory. Week 8 was just that, not one, but two quarterbacks threw for five or more touchdowns. Tom Brady threw five touchdowns against the Bears and Ben Roethlisberger threw for six against the Colts. Both quarterbacks scored over 37 points. When you’re opponent has one of those players in their lineups in a yearly league, they’ll beat you a high percentage of the time.

So after the week ended, I looked at three GPPs, the $200K flea flicker, $2.2 Million Maker, and $100k play-action #2; and in each of those the winner had Brady as their quarterback. Just like in a yearly league, it works the same for a daily league. There’s some resemblance in this aspect between the two.

Overall it was a high scoring weekend, besides the quarterback position, there was also the Miami Dolphins defense that scored over 20 points, multiple receivers had over 100 yards and a touchdown, and several backs rushed for more than 100 yards and a score as well. Not to mention a huge 100+ yards and three touchdown game from Rob Gronkowski. Last week’s million dollar lineup scored 293, the week before was 243, and prior to that it was 229.

Weeks like these are where diversity comes into play. See, in a yearly league you don’t have all the options you have in a daily, so taking advantage of that flexibility helps reducing the variance of your yearly leagues. If you set up a couple of lineups and mix in several players, chances are that even if you didn’t have one of the quarterbacks, you still could’ve sprinkled in some of the other players that performed well and still cashed in a tournament. You may have not become the next millionaire but you also didn’t lose money. In my yearly league, I started Ben Roethlisberger this week. He’s my starter because I took the no quarterback approach. My opponent was pretty much drawing dead this week. Not because his team is bad, but because a player like that on the opposing team is hard to overcome. With that said, despite not starting Big Ben in any of my daily leagues (I’m regretting that decision), I was still able to cash in some of my tournaments. So in essence, it’s still winning.

This week’s lesson is pretty transparent if you ask me. Sometimes, no matter how good your lineup is, it is just not enough. One of my closest friends had a card that scored over 250 points and he was not close to winning it all, but in previous weeks that would have been enough. While it can be deflating, it’s part of fantasy in both daily and yearly leagues. On the bright side, it was a great run, and still a good ROI. In a yearly league, this loss could have cost you your season if you were in a must-win scenario.

Week 9 is a new week, so let’s all attempt to set that special lineup and become a millionaire. Best of luck to all!