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It’s pretty crazy how quickly the football season is passing us by. Most of the time fantasy owners spend weeks, and for some of us months, preparing for the fantasy football season. We research, read articles, do mock drafts, and all that other fun stuff. Sometimes after all this hard work, you still come up short in your league and have little to look forward to for the remainder of the season. Don’t you hate when that happens? I, for example, participate in many yearly leagues, and in one of my leagues I’m 1-6 and virtually out of the playoffs. If I didn’t have all the other leagues that I’m doing fairly well in, I’d probably be looking forward to fantasy basketball. However, now that there are dailys, there’s ways to avoid season long variance. So even if you’re out of a yearly league, you can still have a winning fantasy football season.

This week one of my twitter followers asked me what is the maximum number of quarterbacks that I thought was appropriate to have spread through your lineups. My initial thoughts were that it was dependent on how many lineups you had. However, after giving it some thought, I think that 4-5 quarterbacks is a fair amount to have. This, of course, is if you have a significant amount of lineups. I’d also say that it’s dependent on what you’re playing. Is it a cash game? Is it a GPP? Say you do 15-20 cash game lineups, three quarterbacks is about right. That’s unless there are four great values at quarterback. In GPPs it’s fine to have a mixture of quarterbacks because some of your lineups will have a hit or miss contrarian play quarterback. With that said, in the rest of your lineups building around a couple of quarterbacks is ideal.

One thing I learned last week is not to use your cheap high ceiling flyer in most of your lineups. Yes the price is great, the matchup is just as good, and the ceiling is pretty high, but if he whiffs, so does your Sunday. Just like you do with your lineups, diversifying the hit or miss flyers in your GPPs is a must. It will reduce your chance of having one player in all your lineups give you a low score. It’s funny because in a yearly league we all have that one “sleeper” that we target in all of our drafts, but in daily leagues having your sleeper in all your lineups can be the difference between a big score and a small score or worse, no score at all.

I went back to the basics like I said I would and fired up more 50/50’s than I usually do, not many more, but a few more, and that was a success. Sticking to what you’re more successful at is something that both yearly leagues and daily leagues have in common. For example, if you have a strategy that usually gets you in the playoffs in your yearly leagues, stick to it. If you’re better at a specific format, whether it’s PPR, two QB, no PPR, or whatever other leagues you’re part of, then stick to it. In daily leagues, in order to thrive, take the same approach. Yes we all want to be millionaires or hit huge scores, but if 50/50s or head-to-head is your niche, stick to it. Now keep in mind, as I stated in one of my previous articles, I think that as long as your bank roll permits, you should take your shots in these huge GPP’s. With that said, I’d still place most emphasis on what works best for you.

As usual this was a fun and lesson-filled week. I’m now looking forward to Week 8 and a shot at a million bucks. I wish you all the best of luck! Until next week.