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So here it is, the last week of the regular season. Most yearly leagues came to an end last week, but daily leagues will still run this week. Since most yearly leagues don’t run through the entire season, many people who are new to DFS don’t take into account some of the things that can place a lot of emphasis on making a decision.

First and foremost, if a team has clinched a playoff spot and/or home field advantage and don’t have much to play for, are they going to start their studs? If they do, then you have to think about whether those players will actually play a full game. Luckily, the only team that has clinched home field advantage is the New England Patriots. Therefore, there are several teams that have something to play for.

That brings me to my next point. Knowing what teams are playing for something significant is also important. In the NFC there’s a huge game between the Lions and Packers. There are plenty of players who are often in lineups. This is one of those games where unless it’s a blowout, we can see the starters out there all game, and playing their best football.  The winner of this game wins the division and finishes as the second seed in the NFC and gets a bye, while the loser finishes fourth place and gets no bye. Seattle is another game that has importance. They need to win against the Rams to remain the number one seed. The Panthers and Falcons are playing for their division. Winner advances into the playoffs, while the loser’s season comes to an end. In the AFC, Denver needs to beat Oakland if they want to hang on to the number two seed. Here are two interesting teams, the Steelers and Bengals. Both teams have clinched the playoffs, but both still have something to play for. The Bengals can finish between the second seed and the fifth seed, so they need a win. The Chargers need a win to get in the playoffs. Ravens, Chiefs, and Texans all needs wins as their playoff hopes are alive, but they also need some other things to fall into place. Targeting teams that need to win or are playing for something, would be an approach I’d consider taking. It’s all but guarantee that your players will likely play a full game barring injury or a blowout.

Lastly, for the teams that are out, it’s wise to know if they have any young players that could get extended snaps. If there are any players on a specific team that they might want to see what he can do on the field, if he’s cheap, which is likely the case, he can be a contrarian/punt play. That of course is if he has upside. Injuries also play importance. If a team is out of the playoff picture and one of their franchise players is battling an injury, are they going to risk their future by playing him? That’s also something to consider.

This is the last game of the regular season. Some players have clocked out, and have possible already begun planning their vacations. When setting your lineups this week, there are other things besides matchup and prices to consider. Think about the situation, and what a team can be playing for. There are teams that want to end on a high note, there are teams who are playing for something, and there are those who could play with lesser effort.

I have enjoyed walking you through my transition, and look forward to the last week of the regular season. I wish you all the best of luck this week!