Armando Marsal

Fantasy Writer

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For yearly leaguers, this is likely the last week of the fantasy football regular season. For some, they are fighting for a spot to get into the playoffs. For others, well, any chance they had past many weeks ago. That’s what I’ve grown to love about daily leagues. You’re competing each week, and have chances to make money on a weekly basis. This past week, for the first time all season, I was unable to find many combos and lineups that I truly loved. The pricing was tougher to work around, and for the most part, some of the matchups weren’t all that great. How did I handle this? Easy, I put in fewer lineups. When you’re uncomfortable or unsure about a lineup, then maybe it’s best not to play it. It’s funny because my main issue was creating a cash lineup that I felt comfortable playing in multiple games. I created two, and went one for two. However, I found several combos that I liked in GPP’s and put in four lineups, and was able to find success in all the lineups. The great thing about it was that I realized it, and acted upon it. The same should go for you. If you find yourself not happy about or unsure of your lineups, then there’s no need to take that chance.

In addition, I did something different this week. Most weeks I spend most of my money on receivers and try to have at least one high-level quarterback in some of my lineups. Based on the prices this week, I adjusted my strategy. What I did was, pay the big bucks for running backs and tight ends this weekend. I decided to pay for Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray, and LeSean McCoy. I also paid up for Jimmy Graham. The reason why I made that change in my approach is because since I was participating in more tournaments than cash games last week, I was comfortable with playing quarterbacks like Kyle Orton, Zack Mettenberger, and Jay Cutler this week. I also took some fliers at cheaper receivers. Don’t get me wrong, I took Rashad Jennings and Isaiah Crowell in a couple of my lineups. Both of which I thought were great value. However, there were several backs such as Tre Mason, Lamar Miller, and Alfred Morris that I wasn’t comfortable taking, when in other weeks I may have plugged them into my starting lineup. I was wrong about Morris, and that will happen, but still felt happy with my decision.

Final thought, always trust your instincts. Whether you end up being right or wrong, go with your instincts on close calls. This weekend I was in between two players, both at the same price, and the popular player was the one I went against. I based my decision off of numbers, and to be honest, a hunch. The differential in points was just one, so it didn’t make or break me. With that said, there have been times where your gut says one thing, and you do the opposite, and the outcome isn’t what you wanted.

This week’s lesson was a good one for me. Be able to adjust to the pricing and if you aren’t comfortable with the lineups you’re creating, cut back the volume. I’m looking forward to another week of daily leagues. Best of luck to everyone!