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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been comparing the differences between yearly and daily leagues, and sharing with you my journey along the way. I’ve had some great weeks and I’ve had some bad weeks. Through my journey thus far, I’ve shared my experience in what I’ve learned in my transition from a yearly player to a daily player. Some strategies and tips I’ve discussed are: game selection, bank roll management, stacking strategy, thinking outside of the box, making sure to have diversity amongst your lineups, and more. Once you build a foundation and have found a system that works for you, what next? Now that I’ve managed to have a decent in the money percentage in 50/50’s, I ask myself how I can turn this into more profit. My answer was simple, put in the volume. If you have a high, in the money ration in 50/50’s, don’t be hesitant to play a couple more of them a week. Granted, you should never play outside of your bankroll, but if you’re playing within it and are capable of playing a couple more lineups, then you fire away. By doing this you build your bankroll and put yourself in a position to take shots at GPP’s more often.

As I mentioned above, one topic I’ve discussed in one of my previous articles is to try to be contrarian in GPP’s, and I stand by that. However, like some things in life, one must take things with a grain of salt. At times people over think a situation and miss on a great opportunity; I’m guilty of this myself. For example, this week, Ben Roethlisberger is priced at a relatively cheap price of $7500 (the same as he was last week) and has the best matchup of all quarterbacks. The first thing that should pop into your head is, “this is great value and I’m going to take advantage of it”. Yet, one of the first things you probably think of is, “everyone is going to draft him, so I’m staying away.” Yes, that can be true, but if you look at it from a different perspective, you can have the best of both worlds. What do I mean? When there’s a good value on a player, take that player, the key is the supporting cast you put around him.

Last week’s Millionaire Maker winner had Jeremy Hill in his or her lineup. Hill was owned in 39.2 percent of the entries. He was a great value at $4000, and apparently many people thought so too. That just goes to show you that even though you have a player that many other teams own, you can still manage to be a top finisher, so long as you put the right players around him. In fact, last week’s winner had three players owned in 20 percent or more of the lineups. With that said, don’t avoid good value because you’re too concerned with having a contrarian player. There are several good players that are at a very low price this week that I’ll likely have in my lineups and I’m sure others will too.

In yearly leagues this is like saying, “I’m sitting player X because my opponent in the other league has player X starting against me”. That’s not the way to think about it. If player X has a good matchup and you have him ranked high on your rankings, then plug him in. Let the rest of your team do the work for you, but take advantage of your player’s matchup.

Week 10 is days away, and as usual, Draft Kings will make someone a millionaire. Best of luck to everyone this week. Until next week!