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Another week went by and another millionaire was made. How much better does it get for daily fantasy players? All it takes is $27 and the winning lineup. Ah, if it were only that easy. As per usual, win or lose, there’s something to be learned or maybe something to improve on when it comes to daily leagues. This week some things stood out to me when setting up my lineups.

First things first, when setting up your lineups, try not to over think. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in creating a contrarian lineup, avoiding players who we believe others will be targeting, and trying too hard to put that one guy in your lineup this week. As I’ve mentioned before, having a contrarian lineup is key in GPP’s, and trying to hit on that player that most did not consider is also a plus. However, I’ve caught myself over thinking a situation, when in reality, it’s not necessary. In Week 5, if you look at the lineup that won the Millionaire Maker, it had players like Peyton Manning, Arian Foster, Ben Tate, Demaryius Thomas, and Golden Tate to name a few. If you think about it, these are players that most of us have played or considered playing at some point. There’s really no diamond in the rough play here.

Last week, the winning team consisted of Joe Flacco, Lamar Miller, Branden Oliver, Andre Holmes, Jordy Nelson, Steve Smith, Julius Thomas, Mohamed Sanu, and the Broncos defense. If you break down this lineup, the only real surprise as far as plugging into the lineup was Andre Holmes, who was only drafted in 2.6% of the lineups. Joe Flacco and Steve Smith Sr. was the contrarian stack that panned out. If you think of it, that stack was smart because of price and matchup. I too had that stack in one of my entries. Essentially, creativity is a must and being a contrarian is important, but don’t over analyze the situation. If you feel good about a player, plug him in.

If you’ve read my previous articles, you’re aware that I play poker and did it professionally for a year. One thing that you hear a lot is, “think long think wrong.” I have been applying this concept in my daily league strategy recently and it’s been working. So, when you’re setting up your lineups, do your research, look for the best value, look at matchups, and try to think outside the box without over analyzing it.

Another thing I stopped doing after the first couple of weeks is changing my lineups consistently. This goes hand in hand with overthinking. Just like in yearly leagues, set your lineups and barring any injuries, leave as is. Don’t go back and mix players around because you looked too much into it. Stick to your guns and your instincts.

The last thing that I will discuss this week is players with tough matchups. Last week DeMarco Murray had. what appeared to be a tough matchup in Seattle. His price was $7600, which wasn’t even the lowest it had been all season. In yearly leagues, I’m never benching him, regardless of matchup. However, in daily leagues when you’re faced with this decision it may make sense to sit someone like Murray. I know, he had 115 yards and a touchdown last week, but I’m trying not to be results oriented here. When making the decisions for your lineups, value and matchups are the key things to determine who to start and who to sit. As I said before, the luxury of daily leagues is that you have access to the entire pool of players each and every week.

Don’t forget that Draft Kings is running their Million Maker tournament for the third consecutive week this week and that means that one of us can become a millionaire! I wish you all the best of luck in Week 7.