Armando Marsal

Fantasy Writer

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Another week is in the books and hopefully we have all gained something from the previous week. As I mentioned in last week’s articles, I made the mistake of using the same lineups for all my tournaments. This week I spread the love and submitted different lineups throughout. Granted, I used some of the same players in numerous lineups, but didn’t make the teams identical. It appears to have been a good strategy, as I cashed in 57 percent of my tournaments and had a ROI of 92 percent.

In addition, I learned something new and valuable heading into last week. There are totally different approaches when doing a 50/50 and doing a GPP (guaranteed prize pool). Sometimes a lineup will work for both. However, in 50/50 leagues, I view that similar to a head to head match in a yearly league. Think about it, when you’re setting up your yearly league lineup, for the most part you want your studs in the lineup. Yeah, every now and then you’ll put that “sleeper” into the flex position, but for the most part you go with the best players on your team. That’s exactly how to treat a 50/50. The only difference is managing your salary.

Keep in mind, in 50/50 leagues; you only have to beat out half of the field. So if you pay top dollar for the high level guys that produce a lot of fantasy points week in and week out, and mix those up with a couple of solid mid-level or low-level salary players, you’ll put yourself in a good position to achieve success.

As I’ve mentioned before, in GPP’s, value and uniqueness are two of the most important things to have a shot at making a run in one of these huge field. What I mean about value is getting the highest ranked player on your rankings with the lowest salary and drafting him. Uniqueness is what I consider thinking outside of the box. If the general consensus is targeting a specific player that particular week, stay away. Yes, that value can be great, but you can’t put yourself ahead of the pack if you’re using the same players. So the approach tends to be different than the approach for a 50/50.

The transition from yearly to daily has been a great learning experience thus far. I mean, when you’re setting up your lineups in yearly leagues, for the most part it’s pretty straight forward. You draft a team, work the waiver wire, and make trades. That’s how your team is built. In most cases, you don’t take chances in starting a guy like Matt Asiata over LeSean McCoy in a yearly league. In fact, I’m almost certain it would happen zero times out of 100. With that said, in daily leagues it’s much different. You have to take salary into consideration, which makes it more tedious. It becomes more challenging, but at the same time more fun. It’s also great when you don’t have to wait all season to make money. With daily’s you can earn money weekly.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey in daily leagues and learning how it differs from a yearly league. I look forward to continuing learning and sharing my experience with everyone. Wishing you all great luck this week, especially those in the $2.2 million guaranteed. See you in Week 6!