Armando Marsal

Fantasy Writer

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As I move past the third week of the season and look forward to the fourth, I leave the week learning a valuable lesson; don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Heading into Week 3; many, including myself, were expecting a shootout between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. Now, those who have been following my journey in daily leagues already know that one of the strategies I picked up along the way was to stack players. I did just that in Week 3, but used the same lineup in all three of the GPP’s that I registered into. If you’re familiar with poker lingo, I basically left myself with no outs, or “drawing dead.”

See; by using the same lineups for all three of GPP’s I’m leaving myself room for error. If the players in the lineup I create do not play up to expectations, I will not stand a chance in any of my tournaments. It’s funny because in yearly leagues fantasy owners need to make a decision between a couple of players. However, in daily leagues you can enter multiple times and use all the players that you like. For example, in one of my yearly leagues (PPR format), Brandin Cooks is my No. 4 wide receiver, and every week I find myself making a decision on whether to start him in the flex over Keenan Allen. The great thing about daily leagues is that I can create two lineups and play both of them. Last week there were several good matchups, but I only took advantage of one, and that didn’t pan out. This week I will likely be playing in the same GPP’s I do weekly and will mix up my lineups to leave myself more wiggle room in case some player’s dud.

Looking ahead to this week, the bye weeks will begin. This week, six teams are on bye. A lot of big named players will be off this week, such as Peyton Manning, Giovani Bernard, A.J. Green, Julius Thomas, and Marshawn Lynch, just to name a few. The fact that all these players will be unavailable, makes creating a lineup more tedious. There are several players who are used regularly in lineups that will have the week off. By decreasing the superior players selection, many participants will be focused on the remaining good players, and will likely find themselves with similar lineups as their opponents. A great example of that this week, is at the tight end position. In most weeks, Jimmy Graham and Julius Thomas are the two best options. This week, Thomas is on bye, which leaves just one elite tight end as an option. Almost everyone who wants to pay top dollar for a tight end will have Graham in their lineup.

There will be weeks during bye weeks where only two teams are on bye. However, there are four weeks where four or more teams are on bye, including this week. When that happens, what I’ve been preaching, value and matchup, are even more important. In yearly leagues, we draft players or claim players during the waiver period to plug in during byes. In daily leagues, we have the entire pool. With that said, the interest will remain on a handful of players. When you dig deep and think outside the box, you will put yourself in a better position to have a successful Sunday.

I look forward to Week 4 and wish everyone luck. Always remember that every week we learn something new. Try to learn something new this week and make your next week better.