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The second week of my journey in daily leagues was much better than my first. This week I decided to register into fewer overall dailys, cutting back on half of the amount of entries from the prior week. I also participated in more 50/50’s and head-to-head matches, and less in guaranteed prize pools with bigger field. It’s pretty funny how it worked out, because most of my success came in the larger fields. This marked the second week in a row where I cashed in the $27 buy in with the big guarantee. Week one it was a $500k guarantee and week two it was a $1 Million guarantee. I also played in another guarantee tournament with a cap of 3,150 players. Only 2,891 players registered and I had a good outing by finishing in 22nd place.

With that said, I think that mixing in some of these guarantees with smaller fields along with the 50/50’s and head to head is the way to go. Of course I’d suggest firing a bullet into the big guarantee tournament every week, so long as it’s within your bankroll. My choice would be the $27 Sunday Million. It’s a huge field, but the ROI you can possibly receive is absurd. Taking this type of shot on a weekly basis shouldn’t be an issue if you’re “hedging” yourself with the other tournaments.

This week I practiced one of the strategies I mentioned last week and it worked. I stacked the Packers offense in a couple of my successful tournaments. I went with Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb, who all had great games. I also attempted to roll with Andy Dalton and A.J. Green in some tournaments, and that completely backfired. However, I did learn some new things this week.

First, I learned is that in head-to-head matches, consistency is key. I rolled the dice with Justin Hunter and Carlos Hyde in my head- to-head matchups, and that didn’t pan out. I deviated from my strategy, which worked for me last week, of putting together a mixture of consistency with star power to try something new, and it backfired. This week I’ll go back to what brought me success in the first week of the season and target star players with consistent players.

In addition, I realized I’m not placing enough emphasis on defense when I should. Now don’t get this twisted, I will almost never take the most expensive defense in any given week. However, setting for the cheapest defense is not always the best option. This week I had the Jaguars defense against the Redskins and they gave me negative one point. I missed out on a couple hundred bucks because of the move. In yearly leagues, I tend to go matchups for the most part, but there are no prices on the defenses available on waivers. Whereas in dailys, you have pick and choose carefully.

Lastly, matchups and value are utterly important when creating your team. I can’t stress this enough. The reason I stacked the Packers offense was because of the value I was getting and the matchup they had. The Colts, Broncos, and even the Saints, to a certain extent, had good matchups as well, but to stack those teams would have been more expensive. That would have left me with less money in my salary to fill in the remainder of my roster. In yearly leagues we focus solely on matchups, but in dailys, understanding both value and matchups is crucial.

This week I was able to get a 175% ROI. I look forward to week three and to continue learning and improving in daily leagues. Until next week!