On Sunday’s I usually don’t sweat my season long leagues as much as I used to because I’m much more invested in DFS at this point, but this week was a little different. I made the semifinals in two of my three fantasy leagues, so this weekend was definitely an exciting one in my season long leagues. The good news is that I advanced in both leagues and will be in two championship games next week. To be honest, I had one of my best drafts in one of these leagues and from the start my team put up tons of fantasy points on a weekly basis. In fact, only one other team scored more fantasy points throughout the season and that’s the team I will face in the finals. I was also very fortunate to fade any major injuries for the exception of Le’Veon Bell, but truth be told, he was my keeper and I invested a fifth round pick on him. Plus, I was able to grab DeAngelo Williams off of waivers, who has played well in Bell’s absence. I know this introduction is a tad longer than all my other ones, so please bear with me, but this will lead up to my first topic I promise.

Some of the players on my team are Tom Brady, Blake Bortles, Julio Jones, Brandin Cooks, and A.J. Green. Keep in mind this is a super flex league, so starting two quarterbacks is something most teams do. Now to the point, something I’ve never done or recommend doing is starting your season long team league in DFS. I’ve spoken to several friends who are just starting out playing DFS and this is something they tend to do. While you can play some players that you have on your rosters throughout the year, playing your exact same team each week is not something I recommend. There’s a reason why many of us have pivoted to DFS. We have the entire player pool at hand, we don’t have to worry about injuries long term, and we can cash in every week rather than wait an entire season. There are obviously other reasons, but I just named a few.

If you take the approach of playing your yearly league lineup every week, you’re defeating the purpose of DFS. I’ve gone over roster construction in a previous article and how important looking for value really is. If you are playing the same player all season long, chances are at one point or another you over paid for him or used him in a bad spot. You’re essentially handcuffing yourself and not enjoying DFS for what it really is. If you take this approach you end up forcing players into your lineups and we all know that’s not a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with rostering players you have in your season long leagues in your DFS lineups, but only when it makes sense to.

The other thing I wanted to discuss is for those who are game log analyst. This weekend a friend of mine asked me for some advice for his home league playoffs and sent me a group of running backs to choose from. One of them was Danny Woodhead, which I suggested to play. His response was, “look at his recent games, he hasn’t done well.” I knew he hadn’t played well recently, but I was also aware that he played the Chiefs (twice), Broncos, and Jaguars all of which are solid against running backs. The Jags are a middle of the pack run defense, but haven’t allowed a 100 yards rushing game since Week 5.  If you looked at some of the other numbers that are important – snap count & targets – you would’ve noticed that everything was still the same for Woodhead. He was still receiving around six targets per game and was in over 50 percent of the team’s offensive snaps. His struggles did not come from lack of opportunity, rather tough matchups. I look through game logs myself, but if something doesn’t make sense to me I dig a little deeper to see what the issue is. This happens in all sports, players may have a couple of bad matchups and struggle and people who just glance at the game logs make the mistake of not looking into why the player is struggling and decide to just fade him, which could potentially put you in a spot to miss a great opportunity. Full disclosure, I did not anticipate a four touchdown game from Woodhead, I’d be lying if I said I did, but I did think he would have a good game because of the matchup and his involvement in the offenses.

Until next week. Good luck to all of those in their championship game in your home leagues and to all the DFS players in Week 16.