With Entourage coming out June 3rd the boys of summer are now in full blitz on their press tour. That included a stop by Seattle to premiere the Entourage movie since Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is one of the many many celebrity cameos getting crazy with the crew. Honestly I was surprised Kevin Connolly was brave enough to step on the field after his broken leg last year. Tripping over a sprinkler will not help you conquer Hollywood that’s for sure. Looks like the little man is all healed up now though, what up E!



Hi I’m Russell Wilson and these are the best receivers I’ve ever had in my career!

Is there anything better than a small man trying to prove he’s not small?


Vinny Chase’s boys…check. Super Bowl level cameo…check. Lots and lots of well dressed ladies…WHERE ARE THEY??

Oh thank god that’s much better. Someone find me Gronk I have the sudden urge to funnel everything on Earth now



Yo E, don’t forget to tell Sloan I said what up back