Hasn’t been the greatest 6 months for Russell Wilson. Sure he’s one of the youngest Quarterbacks ever to win a Superbowl and already have 2 SB appearances… but wow he has been a stinking loser lately. It began with Malcolm Butler’s interception and it escalated oh so quickly from there.

One of the first bricks to fall revolved around his new relationship with musician Ciara. After they began dating in April this video resurfaced, which Russell said sparked their first fight…


Ratchet Take: Go #Patriots!! #Tombrady All Day Er Day 😝 #FootballSaturday

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Cold. Blooded. Sure she put that up before they were a thing but damn homie you gonna let your girl do you like that? I thought she was supposed to be all about those Goodies man!? I mean it’s not like Russell would want to constantly be reminded of the biggest failure of his life/Superbowl History..  





LOL. While I’d love to give him credit for making fun of himself, I really just can’t this time. Ciara’s boy Tommy Brady would never ever do ish like that. Only thing worse would be doing a silly dance on a kid’s show while your singer GF completely whips you..  





Bruhhhhhhhhhh. Talk about egg on your face huh?




Whoops sorry I meant slime! No denying that Danger Russ is one of the top QB’s in the NFL and will likely be one of the highest paid soon too… But he REALLY needs to stop acting like such a stooge. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the huddle ya know?