Just when I thought Snow Days couldn’t get any more awesome, THEY HECKING DO! If that commercial didn’t fire you up to play some backyard snowdrift football then I dunno what will. At the very least it should get you amped to watch all those gladiators get their Pablo Sanchez on and mix it up like the good ol days. Simply cannot beat Snow Day Football.

And not only was it epic but it was also incredibly accurate. There’s zero doubt in my mind Gronk checks the weather every morning by smashing his head through a window slash dreams of a snow day every single night. Everyone knows Roberto is like a giant kid on the field so it’s not a huge surprise, although I was pretty impressed seeing actual little kid Rob in action.

5 year old Gronk may have been smaller in stature but he still had soft (and massive) Mickey Mouse hands and a level of hype (for candy) that hasn’t been matched since… Until that Snow Day of course!