We’ve seen Summers of Gronk before… but NOT like this. It’s not just the partying and the dancing anymore; now Gronk’s gotta partyrock AND take over the world too. With all his LOLOLOL commercials lately, including the Madden 16 Movie that dropped today, saying Roberto has been en fuego would be a MASSIVE understatement.

Here Gronkasaurus is looking FRESH in some old school Zubaz, getting his Macho Man on and cutting the most thrilling promo a Sportsdrink commercial will ever see. All those nights of going out with his WWE pal Mojo Rawley and partying around zero women must really be paying off. Oh and don’t sleep on Roberto’s mic skills either! He knows a thing or two about getting hyped…




Mojo is also a SUPERB dance instructor. Mainly because he doesn’t get hyped… HE STAYS HYPED!





Next time Gronkasaurus shows up in a pair of Zubaz there better be some Mojo right there with him. If this summer has taught us anything it’s that commercials with Gronk are the best thing on Earth (other than partying and Zubaz and partying in Zubaz)

Maybe it’s just me but I consider crying from laughter a very very good thing..