The Seattle Seahawks really went out of their way to draft Tyler Lockett and moving to trade up to the 69th pick is already looking like a brilliant call. In his first NFL game ever he scored a TD on a 103 yard kick return and for his follow up on Saturday he took a punt 67 yards for a score as well.

Not only was it completely effortless but it really looked like he was simply drifting through an easy Mario Kart course. Rainbow Road this is NOT. And because the internet is awesome (sometimes) someone obliged the Shermanator and did Lockett justice.. AH WELCOME TO AH LOCKETT KART! HERE WE AH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!





Fingers crossed this is the fetch NFL trend for 2015 and all season we have highlights mashed up with oldschool N64 games. A boy can dream right?

And obviously Tom Brady’s would be set solely to GoldenEye.







PS: When you hit Dick Sherman with that blue shell…