(Mariota constant jersey swap is A+)



Who needs to start at QB in the NFL when you can just STAR in Heisman House commercials and watch the money pile up right??! Tough tough week for Bob Griffin IIII but pretty hilarious the NFC East QB matchups changed immediately after this aired.

Hottest Eagles-Reskins showdown went from this…





To then being completely destroyed and replaced with this lone Michigan bank ad from Captain Kirk Cousins…





In one fell swoop. Oh and remember how RG3 is off social media now, like FOR REALZ? LOL good one Bob.





The good news is they can never take away your Heisman, what up Reggie, so at least RG3 can look forward to making these commercials every year. Gotta give credit to the Redskins fans though, hard to find a group of raging psychopaths this out of touch with life.

Not even upset, I’m just impressed.



(ESPN) – Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who entered the team’s Welcome Home Luncheon with new starter Kirk Cousins, was later given a 15-second standing ovation when he had the stage to himself in what could be his final week as a member of the franchise.

Griffin, though, steered clear of any speculation surrounding his job situation during a 40-second speech after receiving the Redskins’ Salute Award for his involvement with the military community.