It’s not often you see a big name QB traded in the NFL these days. But if Robert Griffin III doesn’t at least get the arrow pointing upward on his stock this season, he’s going to be the next one we see moved.

You know the book on RG III by now — a great dual threat talent, but has regressed in each season he’s been in the league. His lack of recent success can’t be attributed to just one thing, it’s likely a combination of injuries, and NFL defenses just figuring him out.

Take a look at his statistics by season (courtesy of

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There’s no way around it, Griffin’s been bad. He’s also a unique, and at times, elite talent that can’t be written off or ignored while still just 25-years old.

If RG III’s going to restore his career, he’s going to have to take the time to let his body get fresh, while also resetting his mentality. He’s not the stud we saw flash in his rookie season anymore, but he can be just as effective if he learns how counter the adjustments that defenses made to him (and is playing at full health).

None of this is going to happen in Washington — Griffin’s time has simply played out there. Don’t waste time, find a trade while there’s still hope.

A fresh start in Houston is exactly what the former Baylor star needs to rejuvenate his career.

From the Texans’ standpoint, trading for the QB would likely be a low-risk, high-reward move. Griffin’s value has never been lower, and once Washington starts listening to trades on him, then the word is out around the league that he’s not their guy. Washington wouldn’t even have to hit the draft right away for a replacement. They may decide they want to anyway, but Kirk Cousins can step in and play right now. A package of mid-round draft picks should be able to pry Griffin out of D.C.

The questions is, is RG III better than what Houston already has? The Patriots-west coast affiliates currently have Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett (a couple of former Tom Brady backups) battling for the starting job under head coach Bill O’Brien (former Pats offensive coordinator). It’s not a stretch to think that either could have a better 2015 than Griffin. In fact, it’s probable that one of them is able to. But remember, we’re thinking long-term here. RG III’s potential, if he can get his game right, blows both Hoyer and Mallett’s out of the water.

Griffin is a Texas guy. I mentioned he played his college ball for Baylor, but he also grew up in the state after moving around the first few years of his life due to his parents’ military ties. It’s never a given, but sometimes a change of scenery (especially back to the place where they experienced their most success) can be exactly what a player needs to get back on track.

Let’s not waste that Texans D on such a mediocre offense! The NFL would be a better place with RG III in Houston. I know the fantasy football world would be a better place with RG III putting up those 2012-type numbers again, even if it takes him some time to get back to that level.

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