Even before Kelvin Benjamin went down with a torn ACL, there were rumblings that Randy Moss was ready to make a comeback in the NFL. FINALLY at age 38 he’s mature enough to handle someone else getting the ball on any given play and thank the heavens for it.

If that’s the case it could mean big things, because somehow that freak athlete is still very alive and well inside Mr. Moss….



Josh Harris may be a complete nobody but Antonio Brown was also there working out with Randall back in July… If The Freak is beating the #1 Hun in the NFL you better believe he could still roast some nickelback scrubs on Sundays. I am ALL for it.

Whether it’s the Panthers, Packers, Patriots or whoever.. I need the moon man back in the League this season. Not just for DFS but mainly because there really is no play quite like a Randy Moss fade route. NEED IT.