It’s December 1st, which means two things:

  • The home stretch of the NFL schedule is underway
  • It’s time for the Browns’ annual funeral

Let me premise this post, Cleveland, by saying: it’s going to happen some day, I promise. If Steve Carrell and his apartment of Poltergeist toys in 40 Year Old Virgin could get laid … the Browns will win a Super Bowl — anything is possible.

However, I hate to break this to you: it’s not going to be this year (again). After getting ‘Kick Sixed’ on Monday Night vs. the Baltimore Ravens in absolutely epic fashion….

(Side note: Johnny Football wouldn’t have gotten his kicked blocked JUST SAYING)

…Browns fans were FED UP with the state of the franchise:

For the first time in internet history, I genuinely think this video isn’t fake and is pure hurt.

How do you sum up the state of the Browns franchise any better than this? Short answer: you don’t.