Tampa Bay v Cincinnati

I will admit Jameis Winston looked better in this game, but I am still of the belief that this year is going to be a long one for Tampa Bay fans.  Winston looked better in this game because he: A. had time to throw, and B. almost all of his first reads were open.  Pro Football Focus had Tampa has the 5th worst pass blocking team last season and I’m not sure if enough changed to improve that ranking much in 2015.  Cincinnati seemed fine for most of the first quarter not bringing pressure and just basically sitting back in basic coverage.  Then early in the second quarter they decided to start bringing pressure (probably annoyed of seeing Winston move the ball so easily) and Winston was out of the game with a minor tweak (nothing to be concerned about).

Winston has a rocket arm and he made some great seem throws in this game.  But he really tends to lock onto his first read and just force throws.  His talent allows him to get away with it on some occasions (it made him look good in this game).  Against better defenses and more pressure-oriented schemes however I think you’ll see that his turnovers will be quite high this year.

There were other players in this game.  Doug Martin looked great  and if there was any reason to doubt who the starting running back will be for Tampa there is no need to anymore.  Martin looked strong and nimble in this one and a return to form would be huge for both the Bucs franchise and for Martin’s fantasy owners.  With a rookie QB Tampa will want to run the ball a lot and it’s not out of the question Martin approaches 20+ touches early in the season.

Cincinnati looked awful in this game.  Early, AJ Green had a pass thrown directly at him, but instead of catching it the ball went off his hands, over his head, and into the hands of the defense.

That was the Bengals offense in a nutshell last night.  I would not read too much into this game for fantasy purposes though.  Yes Andy Dalton is a mediocre quarterback but he’s proven he can have big days and that he’ll target AJ Green non-stop when necessary.  Cincinnati will be uneven but still a decent passing offense to target against weaker opponents.

**Tampa’s Mike Evans left this game with a hamstring injury, the severity is unknown but it doesn’t appear to be serious.