Whoa whoa whoa! I know Peyton is getting up there in age and might be a little out of touch but this is unacceptable! #1 thing you need to do as a Starting Quarterback in the NFL is give your team the best chance to win on Sunday. Getting cursed by the Based God is NOT the way to do that.

I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise Peyton’s in the dark here. I mean this was the superlative he got from Jimmy Fallon…




Why didn’t one of those rookies talk some sense into the Sheriff??? Lil B is gonna be SO….


Wait what?? He LIKES IT?!?!




Sort of a raw deal for NBA players no? They do the cooking dance for one second and get their entire careers ruined…

Peyton rocks it out for a meaningless audible and gets endless praise from the Based God. What a world!





The Broncos ended up barely winning and it all came down to a crazy Madden-esque jumpball-interception in the endzone. Payton better still give all homage to the Based God doe!




Also I’m thinking the curse got deflected from Denver and somehow traveled to Dallas. Sure the Cowboys won the game but they also lost All-Pro WR Dez Bryant to a broken foot.

Oh yea, and they allowed their Kicker to stroll onto National Television like this..







Welp at least we know who forget to pay homage! Could be worse for Dan though, at least he’s not a Chip Kelly reject right?



Shady McCoy smiling and joking — “Get a picture. The Chip Kelly rejects.”

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