So you probably saw Julian Edelman’s tweet from yesterday. What an awesome bros weekend. The Derby followed by the fight of the century.

Here’s the crew at Chuchill Downs on Saturday afternoon (need Gronk’s suit).

Looks like a blast, but heres the thing … it’s really just about the party. The boys have bigger and better plans for Saturday night.

We’ve never learned this in the past because there hasn’t been a more tempting event to attend on the same night of the Derby. But throw in Mayweather vs. Pacquiao on the same date, and suddenly the (brief) horse race becomes far less interesting.

Notice the time stamp: 6:50 PM. Literally less than five minutes after the Derby ended. So with some simple math, this leaves us with two options. 1) The Pats players somehow have the ability to be on an airplane EXTREMELY quickly (highly unlikely). Or, 2) They didn’t stay for the race (obviously the correct answer).

If you gave me the choice of attending just one of these events, I would pick the fight in a heartbeat as I’m sure most of you would. So I guess, in that sense, these guys are lucky that they got the opportunity to at least be at both venues. But this is still nuts at the same time. You go to the Kentucky Derby and don’t even stay to watch it!?

Maybe I’m just jealous. Enjoy the fight, guys. You missed a hell of a race, though.

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