Papa Jaboo bringing only the FRESHEST threads with him to the Bayou! Now that Jameis is officially a winner in the NFL, does he have enough clout to change Tampa’s mascot to his own face? 100% would sell/inspire better than whatever the hell Tampa Bay is using now that’s for sure.

Despite the Jameis shirt being totally arrrrrghwesome, I gotta hand this victory to the Buffalo Bills fan. Might be the saddest yet funniest jersey I’ve ever seen. Acknowledging the worst moment in Bills history (proudly?) on the day everything is supposed to change for the better is such a raw power move. I don’t understand it whatsoever but that’s what life is like inside the mind of the #BillsMafia…

“Yea I’ve moved on from losing 4 straight Superbowls but at the same time it’s all I can think of and if we don’t win this game I’m very afraid of the things that I’ll do. Shit I’m so damn nervous, probably how Scott felt before that kick right LOL? Who keeps trying to touch my butt? Anyway throw me another Labat Blue I gotta go RKO TB12..



#Bills mafia in full force getting ready for Brady and the #Patriots.

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Late breaking injury report: Your man Brady has left us. #Buffalo #Bills

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Yep. A couple people don’t like Brady here.

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It was an admirable effort Buffalo… you’re still UNDEFEATED at tailgates but never forget about the real wrecking ball out there. He ain’t smiling anymore either..