I’ll admit I’m a Patriots fan. I don’t feel I’m a homer, though. I think I’ve been pretty levelheaded through this entire process. The Pats probably did something wrong, got a hefty punishment (more for potentially lying/not cooperating than what they way have done with footballs), and now the best move is to just suck it up and take it. Move on as Robert Kraft did, and they’ll be fine come playoff time.

Now it’s the NFL that comes off looking childish. In an article by Bucky Brooks on NFL.com, Tom Brady now has an asterisk present next to his name.

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Deflategate had already gotten ridiculous, but this guy (who represents the NFL if he’s writing for their website) has taken this WAYYY too far. An asterisk?? Tom Brady is Barry Bonds now?? Give me a break, Bucky. 73 home runs in a season is not natural … that’s a product of steroids, which Bonds was using during that 2001 season.

Feel free to hate Tom Brady, but there's no way you can compare him to Barry Bonds.
Feel free to hate Tom Brady, but there’s no way you can compare him to Barry Bonds.

Brady had a better second half in the AFC Championship game than first half (when the footballs were allegedly “deflated”), and also played a spectacular Super Bowl (where I think we can all agree that the footballs were very well checked).

The NFL is now taking an alleged equipment violation by the Patriots and saying it’s of equal meaning to a player’s football legacy half a career’s worth of steroid use is to a baseball player’s legacy. That’s busch league.

Oh, and to top is off, the NFL’s social media manager is a Jets fan. That perfectly explains why they’ve been tweeting stuff like this.

I don’t even need to try and defend the Patriots here. How far the NFL continues to take this (especially even after Kraft stepped up as the bigger man) just baffles my mind. Not only is it unprofessional, it’s absurd to have an asterisk next to Brady’s name.

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