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Oh boy, here we go…

This weekend a Seattle Seahawks training camp, Ciara brought her son! AWWW HOW CUTE!!!!

…oh, one thing: that’s not Ciara and Russell Wilson’s child.

Rather: that is Ciara and Nayvadius Wilburn’s, commonly known as the hip-hop artist: ‘Future’.

This isn’t really that big of a deal, there are a ton of children in this country with multiple adult male figures in their lives. But, here’s the thing: ‘Future’ does NOT like Russell Wilson — and that is HIS son wearing a matching Russell Wilson jersey while hugging … yes, you guessed it: Russell Wilson!

In a recent interview with the Breakfast Club via TMZ, Future explicitly expressed his displeasure with his son interacting with the Seahawks’ quarterback…

“Future is NOT happy with that photo of Russell Wilson pushing his son in a stroller — saying if he was the kid, he would’ve jumped out and SLAPPED Russell in the face.

The rapper appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and told Charlamagne tha God he’s upset with his baby mama Ciara for allowing her new BF to get so involved in the parenting their 1-year-old.

Future blames Ciara for setting him up — but still blames Russell for trying to insert himself into his kid’s life after only dating Ciara for a few short months.

“At the end of the day, I’m not for the publicity stunts. Leave my son out of the publicity stunts. Just leave him out of your relationship.”

When Future saw the pics of his baby mama trolling around Seattle’s training camp, he unleashed a barrage of subtweets…

Are we approaching a Lil B vs. Kevin Durant/James Harden ‘Based God Curse’ territory? Is Future about to try his hand at publicly voodoo’ing Russell Wilson? The Celibate NFL Quarterback vs. Hip-Hop’s up-and-coming superstar, who ya got?