How’s that Madden Curse doing now fam?! The Giants may be 0-2 but after a slow start in Week 1 it seems that Odell Beckham Jr is back to his normal self. Normal meaning he runs faster than anyone on the field and celebrates with so much swag it nearly brings the stadium down.

It’s a very cool tribute to one of OBJ’s favorite athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo, and might be a sign that Odell is gonna switch it up every Endzone trip he has this season. Maybe expect some futbol tributes and killer dance moves outta nowhere… would “The Whip” even be a thing if it wasn’t for OBJ?

Gotta love a guy that does all for the love of the game (and awesome new animations in Madden 16)..



And as for all that being fast on the field stuff? Yep he can still deliver that in SPADES!!!

21.6 mph should help the G-Men win like one time right? I wonder if they’ll remember there’s a Game Clock next week…