Wide receivers have been the most reliable position week-to-week on DraftKings, often producing the highest scoring stars of a given week. Identifying the mixture of upside and consistency in a wide out is essential, and Week 14 is no different. Let’s take a look at some of the guys worth keeping an eye on.

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Cream of the Crop


Alshon Jeffery, Chicago (vs WAS) – $6900

Jeffery doesn’t even rank in the top 10 on DraftKings in salary in Week 14. Does anyone think he isn’t a top 10 talent? Washington’s defense is better against wide receivers this year than it was in 2014, but it’s still a slightly plus matchup. I like Jeffery in all league types.

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh (at CIN) – $8900

How do you fade this guy? The matchup just doesn’t seem to matter and you could argue he has both the highest floor and highest ceiling of any receiver in the NFL pretty much every week.

Danny Amendola, New England (at HOU) – $5200

This is a difficult matchup for New England, but Amendola’s numbers come a little bit differently than the typical wide receiver since he’s often matched up on nickel corners and linebackers in zone. I’m not worried about the matchup as much as his targets relative to the price, which is attractive.

Sammy Watkins, Buffalo (at PHI) – $6100

I’d use the first three receivers on this list in cash games. I’m undecided on Watkins, but I’m leaning toward no. Even in a great matchup, I think there are probably safer options near him in price. However, the upside, especially in this game, is very apparent, especially if Buffalo commits to getting him the ball.

Middle of the Pack


A.J. Green, Cincinnati (vs PIT) – $7900

A.J. Green is good at football. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense is not good at stopping the pass. The Bengals are likely to throw the ball often in this game. Opportunities + Efficiency = Fantasy Goodness

Odell Beckham Jr., NY Giants (at MIA) – $9100

I’m not fading him just because he’s such a pivotal player each week and I don’t want to deal with the variance. But in a great matchup against a defense that has allowed 3.5 points per game above expected to opposing receivers—a bottom-five mark in the NFL—Beckham is also a value, even at this price.

Jarvis Landry, Miami (vs NYG) – $6300

I really like the possibility of this game turning into a shootout. Landry makes some sense in cash since it seems as though his average target comes about one yard downfield, and he sees a lot of them.

Doug Baldwin, Seattle (at BAL) – $4500

I’m really not a huge fan of Baldwin or receivers like him. He’s small and plays in an offense that really doesn’t give him enough work to make up for his lack of effectiveness in the red zone. However, he’s still underpriced against one of the league’s worst defenses versus opposing receivers.

Rest of the Field


Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay (vs NO) – $4500

The quintessential tournament play, Jackson is underpriced in a dream matchup. I also think he’s going to be under-owned since Doug Baldwin is the same price, but note that even if you like Jackson, he’s probably not someone to stick into your group of core players since he almost always has a low floor.

DeVante Parker, Miami (vs NYG) – $4000

More so than any other position, rookie wide receivers really progress by the end of their first season. That seems to be happening for Parker, too, and because of the potential upside in this contest, I like the idea of pairing him with Tannehill and Landry.

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston (vs NE) – $8900

As you look at the top receivers, it’s pretty clear Beckham and Brown will dominate ownership. Hopkins could very well be pretty low since he’s facing the Pats and the narrative is that they take away a team’s best option, which I do believe is indeed true. However, because of how widespread that idea is, it’s just a matter of if you’re getting the right “odds” to throw him into a lineup and take a chance that his bulk targets will win out, which might indeed be the case.

Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh (at CIN) – $5700

This play is clearly solely for tournaments. My biggest problem with Bryant right now is that he’s not on the field all the time (generally around two-thirds of plays or less). I do like the idea of a Roethlisberger-Brown-Bryant double-stack, though.

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