Only 3 teams (Carolina, Cincinnati, New England) remain unbeaten and this week brought us more surprises than any before. Broncos lose in Indy… Big Ben gets hurt again… BLAINE GABBERT IS 1-0 WAIT WHAT? With NFL Bye Weeks almost all wrapped up, it’s pure football magic from here on out. Nice to see a slew of touchdowns return to the scoreboard, let’s make that a habit huh? HIGHLIGHTS ACTIVATE!!!

Panthers destroyed the Packers, Cam is looking like an actual QB. FUNCHER ALERT!

The Raiders lost but Derek Carr is LEGIT

Patriots never give the Redskins a chance.. Edelman is on fire this season

Antonio Brown aka Sticky Bun had a ridiculous 284 yards receiving yesterday

Drew Brees is still doing Drew Brees things

Titans somehow won in New Orleans and Delanie Walker was a fan

Aaron Rodgers loses to the Panthers and Angry Birds

Sammy Watkins did a brief but effective Randy Moss impression

Steelers should not be allowed to have Antonio Brown AND Martavis Bryant…

Brandon Marshall quietly having an incredible season, helps put the Jags to sleep

Packers may have lost but at least Aaron did some cool things

Blaine Gabbert WON in the NFL.. Just wow.

Luck was good, Peyton was bad, and the Colts live to die another day

Jameis went SUPER FAMOUS but it wasn’t enough to beat the Giants

Cowboys LOVE having Dez back but oh lord do they miss Tony Romo (and a defense)

How are Wide Receivers the only guys staying healthy this year? Teddy Bridgewater, Eddie Lacy, LeSean McCoy, Big Ben (again) all hurt but playoff teams wait for no man. We’ll see if the backups can really shine and get their Gabbert on though. How about how that’s a thing now? LONG LIVE BLAINE THE 49ER!!!

Live Look @ San Francisco’s hopes and dreams either way