It could easily be argued that this was the scariest weekend of the NFL season. Not only with Playoff teams coming into focus but also the rampant amount of injuries. Le’Veon Bell, Steve Smith Sr, Reggie Bush just to name a few… the midpoint of the season spares no man. There are still PLENTY of highlights though…

Chiefs put a beatdown on the Lions in London thanks to a sweet fireflames intro

The UK really enjoyed watching Zeus Kelce Score

Alex Smith and his tiny hands had a huge rushing day too

Big Ben is back and Antonio Brown is most pleased

Odell scored 3 TD’s in his return home to the Bayou

Drew Brees didn’t have a bad day either… throwing for SEVEN Touchdowns

DeAndre Hopkins can make anyone look good at QB

Todd Gurley makes everyone on defense look like flaming piles of trash

Alshon Jeffery and Tavon Austin did some fun toe touchin’ dives

Adam Levitan has the news and notes from around the NFL here.

Colin Kaepernick HATES open/uncovered receivers

Cutler diving, Carson falling, Pip pippin’… WHO YA GOT??

Julio Jones GAME WINNER? Nope Bucs win in OT (nice block Jameis)

Ravens lose Steve Smith but gain a Win/Justin Tucker boogie

Stefon Diggs won’t stop making big plays

Raiders destroyed the Jets and Charles Woodson got another INT for the Black Hole..

Like they LITERALLY destroyed them. Somebody find Geno Smith an icebath

Dez returned but the Seahawks did just enough to win in Dallas. Where Romo at!

Run Ronnie Run! (And even CJ chipped in with a TD run too)

When is someone gonna carve up that Defense in Denver?? The Sheriff must be taken down! Tonight his old team should be handled well by Super Cam, Vine Star extraordinaire. It should be a nice (terrifying) little Monday Night. See you next Week BOO!

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