It wasn’t the craziest week for touchdowns but there was plenty to like in Week 7. Upsets, Hall of Fame Rookies, Dan Campbell 2-0 (and not fearing rain whatsoever), and Unbeaten teams staying that way. Ironically Weekly Recaps are ALSO undefeated… here we go!


Funny how Jameis doesn’t struggle throwing fade routes to Mike Evans huh?

Megatron is consistently doing Megatron things again

Jarvis Landry putting the team/Dan Campbell’s coaching career on his back

Todd Gurley is GOOD. More on this later fam..

Lamar Million had about a billion fantasy points yesterday and wide open screens were a big reason why

Josh McCown fought the wall…AND THE WALL WON!

Tom Brady is the King of the North and the King of QB Sneaks

Dolphins decimated the Texans and Reshad Jones did an awesome Pick-6 Flip

Stefon Diggs made himself into this year’s ODB with one simple little play

Martavis Bryant won’t stop toe touching TD’s

TB12 still threading needles like his life depends on it

Game-Clinching Gronk Spikes are still fun too

2 TD’s for Todd Gurley yesterday… Best RB in the NFL?

Who the heck is Orleans Darkwa and can we somehow call him the Darkwa Duck? COOL!

Amari Cooper is shredding DB’s like we thought he would

Matt Cassel is throwing INT’s like we thought he could

Super Cam, J-Stew, and Bowling Ball Tolbert. It must suck to tackle the Panthers


Is Todd Gurley ever going to slow down or is he just gonna get better every single week? If these Weekly Recaps become Gurley Vines only I wouldn’t be upset. Well that and Dan Campbell in the rain GIFs…