It’s quite simply the scariest time of the year. Whether it’s your favorite team or your fantasy team, the season has begun to show it’s final shape. What the heck is gonna happen? I NEED TO KNOW. Until then these highlights will have to do. Oh yea and the new Star Wars trailer thats premiering at halftime on MNF tonight. Thank you Based God!


Chris Ivory trying to back up Brandon Marshall’s claims of BEST RB IN THE LEAGUE

Jeremy Hill is back to being good maybe sorta?

Josh McCown is back to being terrible definitely maybe

Your daily reminder that DeAndre Hopkins is good

Is Gio the best back on the Bengals doe?

Teddy Bridgewater was allowed to throw the ball inside the 5 yard line? WHOA!

Calvin is Megatron again and Golden Tate is the luckiest SOB alive

How the heck is Gary Barnidge scoring all the touchdowns?

New York: Land of Fitzmagik

Marvin Jones can leap over a small building

Martavis Bryant is back and can leap over anything

Brandon Marshall makes up for an earlier fumble

Julius Thomas getting his Jacksonville on

Gary Barnidge letting the dogs out AGAIN

Your daily reminder DeAndre Hopkins is really good

Peyton throwing Pick-6’s like it ain’t no thang

Your daily reminder DeAndre Hopkins is REALLY GOOD

Mike Mitchell seals the win for the Steelers

Megatron things

Manning Face things

Super Cam for the Rush TD

Things got fired up AND WEIRD in Seattle..

Pip Rivers throwing 4th down touchdowns

Super Cam throwing GAME WINNERS

We are onto NY


Now get me to halftime ASAP!!! I’ve had my highlights now I need my Han! See you next week everybody, punch it!