We’re already through a QUARTER of the NFL season and good lord it’s flying by oh so fast. Thankfully we have infinity Vines to help cherish the good times though… Week 4 GO!



Jameis throwing 4 interceptions probably isn’t great for Tampa Bay…

Somehow the Falcons have a defense this year?

Oh yea and Devonta Freeman is GOOD.

This catch didn’t count but we can all agree Odell is still pretty neat.

The Panthers scored in some interesting ways against Tampa Bay

Just like Andy Dalton, who remains the luckiest QB in NFL history

The Raiders are really enjoying Amari Cooper

Captain Kirk delivered a Game Winner for Washington at home

The Jaguars had infinity chances to win but decided to keep being Jacksonville

Cleveland lost in San Diego but at least Josh and Duke balled out

Demaryius and AP went off but the Broncos won in the end

Janoris Jenkins, Stedman Bailey, and Todd Gurley helped put the Cardinals to sleep

Can’t forget Gary Barnidge maybe having the catch of the year? Who the hell is Gary Barnidge?

Brandon Weeden tried his hardest but the Saints prevailed in OT thanks to CJ Spiller making his one play

It was another crazy week and even crazier if you were a kicker. Tons of missed FG’s and extra points… unless you were Cairo Santos of course. Let’s do it all again next week!