Week 3 had the most Touchdowns of any week this season and quite frankly I am all about it. Let’s hope this scoring doesn’t quit and we can to drink up Redzone madness till the end of eternity…ah anyway let’s dive in I’m Jonesing for some highlights yo!!!

Can’t get started till St. Louis puts out this fire. Nelly wasn’t lying about it getting HOTTTT IN HURRR

Never forget kids.. when you light turf on ablaze make sure you vacuum it up REAL good after!

Joseph Randle started off the day in style pulling off a few Madden jukes to the promised land


Somehow it was a good day to be from the NFC East.. the timeless wonder that is Darren Sproles and his tiny legs

Marcus Mariota threw his first career interception and made his first graceful business decision


Brandon Marshall hmmmm… trying to throw lateral in beginning of quarter is a bold strategy. Let’s see if it works out for him!

Cam Newton got into Superman mode by bumping with the Panthers #1 dance leader

Tom Brady got into Terrific mode by getting some sugar from Big Money Kraft. Then he threw his 400th career TD pass


Anybody think the Patriots look fired up this season? Oh also this was the perfect way to sum up the game. Those poor unfortunate souls (Jaguars)

In the shocker of the century… Yep AP is still AP ALL DAY.

The Ravens and Bengals had an absolute shoot out. Steve Smith Sr is still out here running around them boys like they were schoolyard kids. And of course, still an All-Pro trash talker..


The Ravens went up after returning an Andrew Dalton fumble for a TD. But it didn’t last long because AJ Green.


Devonta Freeman had 3 TD’s and Julio Jones poured in 2 himself. Can anyone cover Trick whatsoever?


Luke McCown actually had a pretty good game but it just wasn’t enough in the end. Fade to slow walk down an endless train track…

The 49ers-Cardinals game was decided literally within the first two minutes. Colin decided to still be in character for this one apparently. Blind Al Pacino SUCKS at playing quarterback huh? 4 interceptions later…



But it’s ok Bay area fans… The Hayne Plane Train is here to save us all!!!

Ryan Tannehill showed everyone WHY he deserved that $100 million contract and the #BillsMafia showed the AFC they aren’t going anywhere. Other than a place to SHOUT!!!!

The Seahawks blanked the Bears with some help from Sherman and their Special Teams

And even Jimmy Graham decided to join the party. Target monster INCOMING!!!

Leaving the Bears and this poor fan honeyless in Seattle… Goodnight sweet prince.

“Nice coat”- Batman

As for the Sunday Night game? Kind of lackluster.. Abdullah scored again and Peyton still has a noodle attached to the right side of his body. But he can still do this sometimes..

Just be happy you still have Megatron Detroit…





And alas, the Holy Grail is empty once again. Should be an amazing Week 4 starting on Thursday with the return of the (35 year old) Michael Vick experience. I need it all RIGHT NOW. My life literally depends on it.