Another week. Another Sunday filled with absolute pigskin magic. Can’t believe it’s only Week 2 and the entire NFL is already completely shaken up. You GOTTA love it. I sure do!




But not as much as Bruce Arians loves new rookie RB David Johnson

AJ Green could’ve become a very successful ballerina in another life

Julian Edelman LOVES whip routes on the goal line I guess

But the Butler loves doing it more

Zero Falcons thought covering Odell was a good idea

Zero Lions thought AP would be able to escape here on 3rd down

V-Jax and Megatron did their best AJ Green impression

Nick Foles is a player maybe? Refs hate Kenny Britt DEFINITELY

Would Carson Palmer call a Flea Flicker every play if he could? (YES)

Mariota was only mildly Super against the Browns. It was Mr. Football’s (and Travis Benjamin’s) day to shine!

The most MONEY play of the day came from Cam Newton and his Steamin’ Willie Beaman tribute dive

Other than Romo getting hurt (out 8 weeks) the most exciting play in Eagles-Cowboys was a blocked punt…YO PUNTER, STRONGSIDE!


Derek Carr lead a game winning TD drive against the Sizzle-less Ravens. Raiders fans REJOICED.


A-Aron burned Dick Sherman and the Packers did enough to make the Seahawks 0-2. Intercepting screen passes REALLY helped against Russell/God

Oh PS Danny Amendola made the catch of the year to seal the deal against Buffalo. Bills fans STILL undefeated at tailgates though




The sun sets on another Sunday… and now we rise with highlights abound and Jimmy Clausen/Brandon Weeden as NFL starters..