As you untangle your twinkly lights for Christmas Week and try to figure out what THE HECK happened in the Miss Universe Pageant… sit back and enjoy a copious amount of touchdowns while you’re at it! There are no first runners-up here, ONLY WINNERS…

Charizard West roasted the Ravens right out of their silly pants
Vikings are looking legit with Stefon Digging It Ted Ginn poured in two touchdowns yesterday

And must’ve Space Jam’d Odell Beckham his (non)powers

All-Time day for Cam Newton, including a Pick-6 and DABBIN’ of course

Captain Kirk has em REALLY liking that in DC

Pats destroy the Titans thanks to Chandler Jones’ giant hand
Jimmy Clausen doing Jimmy Clausen things DeSean Jackson aka Mr. Spock?

Jags are still the Jags but good hustle at end of half by Blake (bad INT though)

At least the Titans had one highlight though right?

Odell almost got the last laugh but couldn’t beat Batman and Superman

Gary Barnidge won’t stop being the BARNBURNER

WTF is up with Doug Baldwin? His happy feet are working wonders

Lil Danny Woodhead with 4 TD’s… DFS what!
AC/DC is looking pretty darn sweet in Oakland.. 2 TD’s yesterday
Antonio Brown is absolutely unstoppable. And that’s before he stiff arms you

David Johnson is a pretty good rookie huh?

John Brown made up for early drops with late game toe magic

Only a few more weeks to soak up the glory of the Touchdown Crown… let’s make em count! Also can someone inform Brandon Weeden he’s not supposed to be onstage with the real participants? Thanks.